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  Every one wants better value for inks. The printer manufacturer’s (Original) ink’s are good but expensive, in many cases making inkjet printers simply too costly to run.

At the other end there are many alternative ink products available at the lowest possible price, and this means low printing quality, poor reliability, and no warranty. Is it worth to take risk? Of course not.

Just Fill High Quality Inkjet ink’s of all color’s, designed for printing photo- realistic images with subtle details and extreme colors is a perfect alternative. With features like Smooth running performance, wide color gamut, Wide media compatibility, Consistent quality…etc.
Available in affordable 100 ml Bottle & One Liter Bottles. (All 6 Color’s: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM.)
  Ink Tank:  
Printing is made so affordable and Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is One time investment.

Generally, all the clients have cultivated one stand that if any damage is caused to printer, it is only due to the CISSystem, but in reality it is not so & may due to technical fault which needs service of printer manufacturing company & not the CISSystem dealer.

CISS is just a system which continuously supplies Ink to the printer cartridge, so that the ink in the cartridge never gets emptied & it runs continuously. It depends on what Quality of ink you use so that your Print head will get clogged or blocked.

We assure you that if you use our JUST FILL High Quality ink’s, the Print Heads will have longer life.
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  Advantages of Just Fill CISS:  
  • You can reduce printing cost up to 90%
  • Simple to Install.
  • Convenient for refilling.
  • Permanent Chip.
  • No Leaking or Clogging.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Eliminate Costly Replacement Cartridges
  Available for All Models with four Cartridges & above. Looking forward to serve you at the best of service. Feel free to contact for any further clarification, if any.  
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  Dye Sublimation:  
Inkjet sublimation is another imprinting process that offers great possibilities. It can be a start-up business by itself and an excellent opportunity for an existing business to further diversify, by offering their customers a broader selection of products.

There is no question, that in today's market, opportunities abound for the hard-working entrepreneur. Those who learn the tools of this trade and offer their customers quality products, produced with inkjet sublimation, can earn good money and have fun.

We teach you about sublimation, sublimation inks, sublimation transfer paper, sublimation products and heat presses. The more you learn the better your chances for success.

Yes, like any other company, we have to provide excellent products and service, to survive. However, we thrive, because we believe in building great relationships with our friends and customers.

We think the best place to start is by providing good information, so you can make good decisions.

The Basics of Inkjet Dye Sublimation:-

The basic inkjet dye sublimation process uses a heat sensitive sublimation dye, dissolved in a liquid, to print graphics and text onto special inkjet paper. This is called a dye sub transfer. The dye sub transfer and a sublimatable item are then placed into a heat press.

When the heating cycle is completed, the image on the paper has been transferred into the coating on the item and has actually become a part of the surface. Run your finger across the surface of sublimation and you will feel nothing.

In the case of polyester, satin and some other synthetic fibers, the sublimation dye actually penetrates the fibers and becomes part of the fabric. Again, nothing is felt!
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  Inkjet Photo Paper:  
We are the dealers for COMPU COLOR the European Unions Best selling Brand of German Make. Compatible with Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Kodak and other brands of Inkjet Printers.

Thickness: It is available in a variety of thickness ranging from 90 gsm to 170 gsm of Matt Coated Paper & 130 gsm to 240 gsm in both Photo Gloss & Satin finish.

Packing: It is available in 4”x 6”, A4, & A3 size in 20 & 50 sheets Pack.

Also we deal with special papers like Gold& Silver Metallic papers, Special Art paper, T-Shirt transfer paper and more…
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